Author of It’s All About Love andThe Enchanted Garden who when diagnosed with a Stage 4 Cancer, shocked her friends and family by experiencing a spontaneous remission without medical intervention. This  event  catapulted her onto the spiritual path and encouraged  her to delve more deeply into spiritual truths. It also enabled her to develop an ability to converse with Spirit, and this connection has provided her with some extraordinarily accurate information, which is often far ahead of its time. In disseminating such truths, her gentle approach has earned her the trust and love of those who cross her path. Join her as she provides spiritual guidance and daily inspiration. She also offers a  blog, which is often directly channelled from Spirit. 



I am your sister of light.  I AM that and so are you my dearest  friends,  for you have to know by now that you are extremely powerful and that there is nothing that you cannot bring into manifestation when it is aligned with your purpose and with the Divine Will. You can access this kind of knowledge and more  when you explore The Rose Sanctuary. You have many talents and qualities, indeed you are wearing many hats. You are healers, proficient transformers, channels of love, teachers and pillars of light. You are pathfinders, way-showers, and awakeners of humanity but above all, you are here to be master creators of love.



In this week's blog we take a look at a lesson in A Course in Miracles which deals with a question of neutrality of thought, discovering that there is no such thing. Thoughts have power and can be catalysts in our life for either positive expansion or a cause of fear, it is up to us to determine what that shall be. 

working in harmony with spirit



The Rose  is one of the principal  flowers associated with healing and is the reason why I named our place of spiritual enrichment "The Rose Sanctuary". This beautiful blossom contains elements which are unique, its oils and fragrance holding the key. Rose essence has an influence on brain patterns, not only enhancing performance but soothing anxiety.  As you delve deeper into this site, you will learn this and much more. 

The soft pink rose is a symbol of your own heart centre. To create this rose you have to think beautiful thoughts, to think softly, gently, radiantly, then the form of the Rose comes on the etheric plane. When you can create this perfect and beautiful flower in your inner planes, you are making a resting place, a 'cave' for the birth of the Spirit of God, for in that heart centre, within that flower which your higher mind has created, the perfect Jewel, the flashing Jewel of spirit rests.

Through the information contained in this site, you will be offered keys to assist with  serious illness, unlock secrets to open the heart and go deeper into meditation, as well as share wisdom through daily spiritual quotes. Some of these truths have been hidden for millennia.  

Welcome to The  Rose Sanctuary and as you move forward refreshed, your light will grow apace. 


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