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The Secrets to Healthy Living


Give thought to what you eat, it will serve you well. If you can plant and tend to your own  fruits, vegetables and herbs, they will  adjust their content to reflect that which you personally need. Plants have much to offer if we take the time to learn. Begin to cut back on processed foods and replace them with organic and home-grown foods where possible. All this has been provided for our wellbeing, why not embrace a more healthy and thoughtful lifestyle? 


In a few short weeks I will l be adding a weekly video, where I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences with you live and you will have a chance to engage with this more personally. This is a combined effort and we will learn from each other. There is no substitute for wisdom, especially that which is offered through Spirit, they have been there and done that in many instances and speak from a place of experience in order to lighten our load.

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The purpose of this site is to share the kind of spiritual information I have been acquiring over many years of seeking, this in the hope that others may  also add to their store and enabling us to  move forward on the path.